Ted Agu Memorial Fund launched to help his family

Ted Agu Memorial Fund launched to help his family

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. (KBAK/KBFX) — Former teammates and friends of Ted Agu, a Frontier High School graduate, were left in a daze after he had suddenly died during a workout with his Cal football teammates.

"We knew we had to help the family," said Michael Tootle, who played football at Bakersfield's Frontier High with Agu for four years.

Tootle and others were united in their grief and admiration of Agu. Friends came together and talked about ways to help the family of the man they considered a brother.

"No family should have to bury a child, that should never have to happen," said Tootle.

Instead of doing a car wash, the group decided to use technology. They launched the Ted Agu Memorial Fund online. The goal was to raise $30,000 to help the family with burial costs.

As of Monday night, the fund had reached more than $25,000. Many of the donations were from people who wished to remain anonymous.

The 21-year-old played defensive end for the Cal Golden Bears. He collapsed and died Friday during a team workout in Berkeley.

Former Frontier High teammate Drew Sullivan was in class at California State University, Bakersfield when he learned that Agu had died.

"I actually had to get up out of class, and I walked out, because I couldn't concentrate on what was going on," said Sullivan.

Those who knew Agu used similar words to describe him: hard worker, smart guy, motivator, giving.

"He's just one of those guys who like motivated you," said former Frontier High teammate Arthur Frazan. "You'd go to work for that guy."

Still left unanswered is what killed Agu. At 21, he was in the prime of his life.

"It's something that you can't really try  to explain to other people because nobody has the answers to it," said Trevor Buskirk. "And we miss him."

According to the Alameda County Coroner's Bureau, an autopsy on Agu requires toxicology tests. Those tests are being done, and it would take six to eight weeks before results are returned.