Historic victory bell makes comeback at BHS football games

Historic victory bell makes comeback at BHS football games »Play Video

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. (KBAK/KBFX) — For whom the bell tolls? If you ask longtime Bakersfield High School football fans, they'll say not the Drillers.

That was until Friday night, when their historical "victory bell" finally made it's comeback.

The victory bell had been sidelined for years due to excessive wear and tear. But, thanks to some BHS alumni, such as Jerry Rodriguez, the bell has gotten a brand new makeover and was unveiled during halftime at Friday night's game.

School historians say the bell was initially built back in the early 1950s, just before some students came along in 1963 and built a trailer to carry the bell.

BHS history teacher Ken Hooper said he heard it came off the first building on campus.

With decades and decades of tradition and history, the Drillers victory bell signifies much more than points scored on the gridiron.

BHS alum Denis Axtel, who used his truck back in 1963 to tow the original bell, was on hand Friday night with the same truck to tow the new bell.

"Renewing old friendships and coming back to my hometown and seeing the excitement of how things are going is so much fun for me," Axtel said.