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Mug shots: Help find Kern County's Most Wanted

Here you'll find the area's most wanted prison parolees. CDCR parolees appear here because they are in violation of their parole status. Read More »

German man's stress-calming naked walk backfires

A German man's habit of taking naked walks to reduce his stress levels backfired when his latest escapade triggered a police search and closed down a rail line. Read More »

Famed Tasmanian devil euthanized after tumor found

A Tasmanian devil named Cedric, once thought to be immune to a contagious facial cancer threatening the iconic creatures with extinction, has been euthanized after succumbing to the disease, researchers said Wednesday. Read More »

Parolee on the run after ditching GPS anklet

A warrant was issued Thursday for a parolee who is on the run after removing his GPS monitoring device. Read More »

Police looking for cigarette burglars

The suspects broke into the CVS store on the 6500 block of South Union Avenue June 29 and stole cigarettes.

Police: Woman took rent for home she doesn't own

Amy Michelle Klopfstein, 30, reportedly defrauded at least four victims who paid her rent and rental deposits for a home she doesn't own. Read More »

'Dangerous' inmate escapes Wasco State Prison

Residents are asked to call 911 if they spot an inmate who escaped Friday from Wasco State Prison. Read More »

Suspect wanted from Fastrip robbery

Police are looking for a man suspected of robbing the Fastrip convenience store at 6401 White Lane.

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YouNews Man Made Drought Man Made Drought
h.a.a.r.p.,,,nexrad,,,chemtrails. look this stuff up.You will be upset..The deceitfulness of are so called defacto government.not a dejure one.This is whats causing are drought.All that global warming non sense.Has been not factual but consensus.Based on b.s. So now they call it climate change.
YouNews 7 year old misdiagnosed. Very sick now. 7 year old misdiagnosed. Very sick now.
this is the story about my 7 year old niece McKenzie who fell sick 2 days ago in Redding Calif., and was told twice by the emergency room Drs. that she was basically alright and to just go home.