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Local & Regional California nurses say they are not ready for Ebola
The union representing 12,000 nurses at the five hospitals began a statewide campaign Tuesday to call attention to what it describes as inadequate training and equipment. The effort comes four days after University of California hospitals in Los Angeles, San Francisco, San Diego, Davis and Irvine said they are ready to treat Ebola patients.
Local & Regional For pot, politics remain local in California
This fall, like several other cities and counties in California, Santa Ana is trying a new tactic for regulating pot — the ballot box. Recognizing its losing battle against weed, the Santa Ana City Council is asking voters to consider a measure that would allow pot dispensaries under strict operating rules.
Local & Regional Attorney general: 18.5 million Californians had info hacked, stolen or exposed
Personal information about more than 18.5 million Californians was hacked, stolen or otherwise exposed last year and as many as one-third of those people will become victims of fraud, California Attorney General Kamala Harris said Tuesday in a new report on data breaches in the nation's biggest state.