Woman tries to save abused, neglected Clydesdale

Woman tries to save abused, neglected Clydesdale »Play Video
TEHACHAPI, Calif. (KBAK/KBFX) - Mamie was once a proud, healthy and majestic Clydesdale who easily bonded with children who rode her.

Somewhere along the way, however, Mamie wound up with different owners, and today there is little resemblance to the Mamie of the past.

She is underweight by as much as 400 pounds, is severely infected, as maggots have dug into her legs, mane and tail.

"It's a crying shame, that's all I have to say," said Myranda Severi.

Severi was recently contacted by another person who bought Mamie from another owner who apparently did not provide proper care. Severi took Mamie to her property in Tehachapi and is trying to nurse the Clydesdale back to health.

Mamie also needs daily steroid injections and will require surgery, said Severi. The horse has bones protruding from her body, a sign of not being fed.

Mamie had to be sedated so that Severi could remove the maggots from her legs and then apply an ointment and "vet wrap" a pink tape to keep flies out while allowing the ointment to stay on and heal the legs.

Sadly, Mamie is but another example of what happens to animals when their owners cannot provide for them.

"Giving up the horse would be better for the horse than letting them basically starve to death," said Severi.

But, nursing Mamie back to health is a costly venture. Any financial or food donation for her is welcome.

A Facebook page has been established called "Saving Mamie." An account has also been set up for Mamie at Hemme Hay & Feed in Tehachapi, (661) 822-7442.