Woman helps suspected 'bait' dog living in Bakersfield sump

Woman helps suspected 'bait' dog living in Bakersfield sump
BAKERSFIELD, Calif. (KBAK/KBFX) — A viewer called the Eyewitness News tip line about a dog she found living in a Bakersfield sump. She said he's frightened and severely underweight. To make matters worse, the animal may have been used as bait in a dog fighting operation.

Not able to secure a rescue home for the dog, the viewer is reaching out to the community for help.

According to our tipster, Sandy Lynch, the dog has lived in a downtown Bakersfield sump for months. When he first arrived, he was barely able to stand.

The dog, named Baby, has gotten a little better, but with soaring temperatures in the forecast Lynch doesn't know if the dog will be able to make it through the summer.

Twice a day, Lynch walks to this sump near her house, trying to coax out a dog with food and water. Frightened and injured Baby wouldn't come out for the Eyewitness News camera, hunkering down in the safety of a mess of tumbleweeds.

"I was standing in my front yard talking to my friend, and I saw something walk across the parking lot, and I didn't even know it was a dog at that point," said Lynch.

She said the dog was so starved and injured that he resembled what she called a bag of bones.

"He could barely walk when I found him. I would pet him, and he wouldn't literally fall over cause he couldn't stand anymore," said Lynch. She immediately starting feeding Baby from that point on. That was in January.

We asked Lynch how the dog got to the sump.

"Well, my neighbor, couple months down the road, told me he saw a truck pull up and dump off a female pit bull and Baby," she explained.

Lynch said she called Animal Control, but figures Baby hid from them, so she started calling dog rescues around the state.

"A couple have responded that they were full, one has not responded to me, yet," said Lynch.

Unable to get anyone to rescue the dog, Lynch brought a veterinarian out to the sump to examine Baby. The vet looked the dog over and said judging by his injuries, he may have been a bait dog.

"We thought maybe he had been used for fighting, or was in some type, because the injuries, I guess the fighting dogs will go after their vital organs," said Lynch about the vet's observations. The vet couldn't get close enough to baby to confirm is he was in fact a fighting dog.

Until baby is rescued, Lynch isn't the only one looking after the dog. A construction crew working nearby has also gotten attached.

"All the guys kind of check on it, watch it, because it's hot, we just want to make sure it's taken care of. I hope someone comes rescues it and gives it a good home, it deserves a good home," said David Wagner, who works nearby.

After we spoke with Lynch, we called Bakersfield Animal Control. Officials are going to meet Lynch in the sump and try to trap the dog so he can be seen by a vet. After that Baby, will need to find a rescue home.