Train derailment snarls traffic, disrupts Amtrak service

Train derailment snarls traffic, disrupts Amtrak service »Play Video

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. (KBAK/KBFX) — Eastbound and westbound traffic to and from Santa Fe Way was shut down Tuesday evening between Renfro and Kratzmeyer roads due to a train derailment.

The California Highway Patrol advised people needing to use Santa Fe Way to get to Shafter to take Rosedale Highway to Highway 43. The closure lasted about three hours.

Firefighters said the preliminary investigation points to a brake line failure that allowed one segment of the cargo train to buckle up onto segments in front.

No one was injured, but cornmeal spilled at the crash point.

Amtrak uses the track for travel to and from Bakersfield. As of Tuesday evening, a spokeswoman said the derailment would affect four trains.

Amtrak Train 703 will originate in Wasco, with passengers being bussed from Bakersfield to Wasco.

Trains 716, 718 and 704 will terminate at Wasco, and passengers will be bussed from Wasco to Bakersfield.

The affected rail cars were to be uprighted and removed from the tracks. A CHP officer said the rail company would deal with those cars later in order to clear the track for other trains.