Sweep nets 22 arrests for domestic violence

Sweep nets 22 arrests for domestic violence »Play Video
BAKERSFIELD, Calif. (KBAK/KBFX) — Officers armed with arrest warrants went after suspects accused of hurting family members. When the sweep was over, 22 were in custody. Police and domestic violence experts say 22 homes are safer now.

Twelve teams of officers fanned out across Bakersfield early Wednesday morning. They had 161 arrest warrants.

“We recognize that there are dangers and there’s a detrimental impact on these victims of domestic violence, as well as the children, and for the community,” Bakersfield Police Sgt. Jason Matson said when the big operation was done.

Police say some 200 active domestic violence warrants have been issued during the last two years where the suspect has not been located and arrested.

On Wednesday, each team included three or four officers from Bakersfield Police officers or Kern County Probation. They hit as many locations as possible. With some warrants, the address was no longer valid, and some didn’t exist.

Sgt. Uriel Pacheco said the warrants are issued, for example, if a suspect was arrested, posted bail, but didn’t show up at court. In some cases, officers may have responded to a call about domestic violence, but the suspect had already taken off.

The Alliance Against Family Violence and Sexual Assault was on hand after the operation, and director Louis Gill said his organization appreciates the work of the police and raids like this.

“There are 22 homes that are safer tonight,” Gill said. “That’s good work.”

Sixty officers worked on the raid.

In some locations, they didn’t get much cooperation. People in the homes didn’t answer the door, or were very evasive. Police say they try to reach as many of these suspects as possible.

“I’ve read reports that victims of domestic violence live in constant fear in the place that should always feel safe, their homes,” BPD Sgt. Uriel Pacheco said.

October is Domestic Violence Awareness month in California. And on Wednesday, Governor Jerry Brown issued a proclamation.

“By learning where to get help and being alert to the signs of abuse, we can each do our part in reducing domestic violence and preventing its most tragic outcomes,” the proclamation says.

From the Alliance, Gill agrees.

“Many people are worried about their safety, that’s an on-going problem,” Gill said. “We know that after that initial split, the next 18 months, that’s the most dangerous for them. Sometimes, unfortunately, it’s fatal. The work today removed that for a number of people.”

Gill said his organization has a 24 hour hotline for victims, and help is always available. The hotline number is 327-1091.

Police also want the public to call, if you know of a suspect who’s wanted for domestic abuse. That number is 327-7111.

The BPD says they’ve gotten about 1,579 reports so far this year related to domestic violence. That’s down a little bit, but it’s still a very big number.

“We want the community to rest assured that we’ll actively pursue any criminal out there that is related to domestic violence, and we ask if anybody has information on a suspect that’s outstanding to please let us know,” Sgt. Matson said.

“We’ll go out and make an aggressive attempt to go out and locate them, and take them into custody.”

People still wanted on domestic violence warrants:

David John Kiel (40)
Matthew Lee Quilling (25)
David Escobedo (47)
Kevin Sanders (44)
Anthony T. Zorrilla (21)
Christopher Gordon Harold (24)
Christopher Michael Orr (29)
Joseph E. Moralez (39)
David Anthony Henderson (43)
Bradley Wade Armstrong (43)
Daniel Flores (32)
Armondo Luis Reyna (24)
Jose Alex Tamame (30)
Tony Gene Miles (36)
Gloria Angulo Heredia (25)
Bernardo Diaz (25)
Roberto Vasquez Rocha (50)
Alfredo Barrentos Aldaco (43)
Andrew Macias (32)
Bryan Davin Pinto (25)
Jennifer Gayle Barron (36)
Ruben Garcia Herrera (36)
Sandra Michelle Davis (42)
Alonzo Cleveland Vereen (36)
Romel Miles Ramon Rivera (33)
Valerie Cherie Soto (25)
Gabriel Ramirez (33)
Edwin Earl Dickerson (27)
Angel Knowles (20)
Tony Ray Charles (38)
Melissa Sheree Ward (31)
Jerome Allen (26)
Fabian Bustaman Garcia (35)
Neil Anthony Holland (38)
Harold Shunntrael Fisher (21)
Antonio Jesus Torres (21)
Wally Ovando Urquilla (22)
Roland Paul Morado (40)
Jose Jimenez (41)
Ventura Banda Macias (49)
Bradley Quay Ellis (32)
Joseph Gabriel Ortiz (39)
Ronald Eric Bohanon (54)
Cecelia Molina Martinez (22)
Shane Michael Bolen (32)
Ricky Gene Moten (36)
Robert Lee Roberts (20)
Francisca Casillas (34)
Juan Carlos Campos (29)
Jose Manuel Camberos (36)
Deshawn Lamont Robinson (34)
Bobby Dean Rogers (30)
Jesse Torres Rodriguez (45)
Kelvin Deontae Tyshawn Sterling (24)
Alvin Dewayne Patterson (51)
Erik Digon Ross (40)
Edward Dedric R. Jefferson (34)
Ryan Armando Tijerina (25)
Lacey Devon Freeman (35)
Marissa Moralez (23)
Raymond Wayne Hill (29)
Charles Anthony Powell (46)
Juan Carlo Robles (40)
Charles Ray Hendrix (24)
Ralph Anthony Hadley (24)
Julio Cesar Silva (28)
Rocendo Loeza (39)
Luis Torres (26)
Michael Steven Sprenger (21)
Brian Almazan (20)
Charles Darnell Moore (26)
Yolanda Marie Juarez (21)
Kraig Jared Guerrero (22)
Richard Ryan Douglas (22)
Jose Luis Marquez (45)
Fernando Delarosa (25)
Leonard Angel Alaniz (41)
Joaquin Juares Arreguin (41)
Donnelle Munray Johnson (32)
Amber Shawna Hester (24)
Fredrick Martin Delouth (23)
Marshawn Dwane Ward (25)
Victor Cedillos (26)
Rafael Equihua (22)
Calixtro Perez (35)
Matthew Allen Nolbert (24)
Zachary Lewis Williams (32)
Felipe Ornelas (31)
Eva Mae Eaton (26)
Damien Warren (21)
Armando Rodriguez Romero (40)
Alejandro Garcia (23)
Juan Manuel Mendoza Gonzalez (20)
Danny Kay Webster (25)
Darren Lamar Cooper (23)
Genaro Maji Orozco (25)
Ricky Riley-Johnson (24)
Prisciliano Silva (40)
Arnulfo Paul Lopez (44)
Patricia Ellen Hoffman (52)
Walter Antonio Alas (31)
Alvaro Zubiran Machado (54)
Carey Leigh Mead (26)
Michael Scott Weston (34)
Thomas Leija Mata (52)
Luis Alfredo Marquez (25)