Student stopped from bringing gun to Mira Monte High School

Student stopped from bringing gun to Mira Monte High School

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. (KBAK/KBFX) — Officials with the Kern High School District say communication between school officials and students played a key role in preventing a student Thursday from bringing a gun onto Mira Monte High School's campus..

Officials say another student approached them and told them about the classmate who planned to bring a gun to school.  

According to Michael Zulfa, the assistant superintendent of information for the KHSD, the student may have brought the gun to Mira Monte High School as a dare by one of his friends. He also said that because the gun was confiscated and the student detained before entering campus, there was never any real threat. 

Two school district police officers are the ones who stopped the teen and found the unloaded gun and bullets. 

A letter was composed by Mira Monte High School principal Jaime Quinonez and distributed to the students for their parents, explaining the incident and assuring parents that the campus is still safe.  

In this case, the student is a minor, so his name has not been released. The district isn’t saying what consequences he will face, noting that in cases like this the student would generally face expulsion. 

Some parents remain worried about the safety of their children.  The district said it has its own police force that works with other law enforcement agencies and trains and prepares for emergency situations. They say they are pleased with how this situation was handled and that the student will not be able to return to school at this time.