Store robbery video: 'it was very frightening'

Store robbery video: 'it was very frightening' »Play Video
BAKERSFIELD, Calif. (KBAK/KBFX) — A Bakersfield store owner said Monday that he's relieved two suspects have been arrested for an alleged armed robbery at his shop. He admitted he's still shaken by the ordeal, which was captured on store surveillance video.

"It all happened so quickly," Doug Jarvi told Eyewitness News on Monday. "There's no sound on that tape, so it's really hard to describe the intensity."

The robbery at Southwest Coins and Jewelry was late Thursday afternoon. Three men barged into the store and immediately ordered everyone down on the ground.

In the store's surveillance video, three men in masks are seen running into the store. One man comes to the back of the store where Jarvi was working and jumped over the counter.

Jarvi had grabbed a gun from his pocket and said he fired a shot.

"Perhaps I shot him, it was very frightening," Jarvi had told Eyewitness News on Friday.

In the video, that man is seen wrestling with Jarvi. The shop owner said the suspect grabbed his hand and got his gun away.

A second man is seen in the video approaching the same counter a couple seconds later. That's the suspect who had come into the store with a gun, Jarvi said.

Right then, Jarvi said his wife hit a button that activated a siren in the store. He said that helped save him.

The man with gun opened fire on him, Jarvi said. The store owner managed to reach into his office and get a second gun.

"We both exchanged shots at one another," Jarvi described. He said the suspect's bullets went right past him, and one ended up in a doorway and the other hit a desk. According to police, Jarvi fired two shots at this time.

Seconds later, the suspects can be seen heading out the door.

Jarvi said he and his wife were not hurt, and none of the customers were harmed. There was a woman in the store, and a couple with their small child. As Jarvi had described, the father can be seen in the surveillance video dropping to the floor with his baby sheltered under him.

On Friday, Eyewitness News discovered police had searched a dumpster a couple miles away at White Lane and Stine Road. Police said they'd found clothing and ski masks and were checking to see if that was related to the jewelry store robbery.

By Saturday morning, police announced they'd arrested two suspects. Kevin Newsome, 24, was picked up in the 3700 block of Ming Avenue. Randon McQuiller, 26, was arrested in the 3400 block of Grissom Street. Officers said they found evidence at both locations implicating the suspects in the robbery.

The two are expected in court on Tuesday. Police said they're following leads and looking for a third suspect.

The shop owner is grateful for those arrests.

"That's terrific," Jarvi said. "I think the Bakersfield (Police Department) has done a great job."

The jewelry store is located at 4429 Ming Ave., and the owner said it had been burglarized in May. After last week's hold up, Jarvi said long-time customers have been stopping by to make sure he's OK.

"I'm just happy that everybody got though this unscathed," Jarvi said. "Except for one of the bad guys."

He thinks one of his shots may have hit or grazed one of the suspect's hands. Police said they don't know if one of the suspects was injured.

Jarvi said the third suspect in the heist had bashed open a jewelry case, and they made off with a tray of rings. Some of them spilled out on the ground as they ran off.

Police said Newsome was booked into jail on counts including attempted murder, robbery, conspiracy, gang participation and some weapon charges. Officers said McQuiller was booked on charges of attempted murder, robbery and conspiracy.

Anyone with information on the incident is encouraged to call police at (661) 327-7111.