Rescue group vows to help suspected 'bait' dog

Rescue group vows to help suspected 'bait' dog
BAKERSFIELD, Calif. (KBAK/KBFX) — Eyewitness News has an update on a story about a suspected "bait" dog abandoned in downtown Bakersfield.

A viewer initially called the station tip line about the dog she found living in a nearby sump. Sandy Lynch said the dog, now named Baby, was frightened and severely under weight. To make matters worse, Lynch said the dog may have been used as bait in a dog fighting operation.

Since Thursday's story, Eyewitness News has received numerous calls from people wanting to help. We are told that a rescue group based out of the Frazier Park area plans to rescue Baby immediately.

Dawn's K-9 Rescue in Pinion Pines said it will try to rehabilitate Baby to a point where he his healthy and ready to be adopted by a family.

Eyewitness News will keep you updated on Baby's progress. If you would like to donate to his rescue organization, call John Sherpa at (661) 242-3649.