Oildale man: 'They murdered the dog'

Oildale man: 'They murdered the dog'
BAKERSFIELD, Calif. (KBAK/KBFX) — Kern County deputies are investigating how and why a dog was brutally killed.

Last week, Oildale resident Kenneth Wilson opened his porch door to call his dog, Kia, inside. “Kia usually tries to be the first dog in the door, and she didn't come," Wilson recalled Monday.

As he soon discovered, Kia was dead.

“She was just lying there with her intestines showing, and her neck cut all the way around," Wilson said.

Veterinarian Dr. Bryan Jenson examined Kia on the request of the sheriff's department.

"It was an attack by someone with a large knife or a machete," said Jenson. “This is the first time I've ever seen such wounds on a dog. That’s one of the things a serial killer will start out with."

A report was filed with the sheriff's department Friday, but there aren’t many leads.

Wilson was home when it happened and said no one heard a thing. He fears the worst for his other dogs, and even his grandchildren.

“If they would do this to a dog, it's like they don't value human life. I do. I think the most precious gift you have is life," Wilson said.

Wilson said it’s an even harder loss because Kia belonged to his wife, who died four years ago.

“I truly can't put it in words how much it affects me, but believe me, it does,” said Wilson. “I mean, that was just straight up murder. They murdered the dog."