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Neighbors continue effort to fight Centennial Corridor project

Neighbors continue effort to fight Centennial Corridor project

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. (KBAK/KBFX) - An effort to stop a freeway from coming through a neighborhood took the form of a community yard sale this weekend.
The Westpark Homeowners Association, or WHOA, continue to raise money to legally challenge construction of the Centennial Corridor project.
"All the funds, 100 percent, are going towards fighting the validation action in court," said WHOA President Michael Werlinich.
The project would connect the Golden State Freeway, Highway 99,  to Westside Parkway, and one day to Interstate 5.
Caltrans said this extension will alleviate traffic in the area, but the main concern comes from those living in the neighborhood, who will have their homes and businesses demolished to make way for the project.
"I moved here after they said that there was going to be no freeway coming through, and then a few years later they decided this was going to be the best route," said Karen Landers, a woman who lives in the Westpark neighborhood. "The freeway will be going about two houses down from my house."
Some people think fighting the project is a waste of time.

"It's pretty much a lost cause," said Bakersfield resident Sarah Bentley. "Once the plan has been decided on and it's already been presented and approved, it's kind of hard to get things changed."
Still, WHOA is doing what it can to have the plan reconsidered.

"We have roughly, I believe, three court dates, one each month right now," said Werlinich. "Once it does go to a vote, we have some good information that will help educate the people as to why they should vote no."

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