Mom of man gunned down at pot shop: 'They shot him in the back of his head'

Mom of man gunned down at pot shop: 'They shot him in the back of his head'

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. (KBAK/KBFX) — The mother of one of the victims in a double homicide at a Bakersfield medical marijuana collective spoke to Eyewitness News on Friday, revealing that she spotted her son’s suspected killer at the crime scene.

"He worked seven days a week," said Bridget Daniels, the mother of shooting victim Devin Daniels. “He was off on Wednesday, and they called him to come to work, and he got up and went to work."

Devin Daniels, 23, left for work Wednesday at First Reliable, the marijuana dispensary. It would be the last time he ever did.

Daniels and one other man, 55 year-old Tony Conrad Sherman, were gunned down in a robbery at the dispensary, according to police.

Police said the two suspects were searching for money and marijuana. Both suspects are on the run.

"They shot him in the back of his head,” said Bridget Daniels. "So my son never had a chance to even fight for his life"

Daniels' mother said she encountered the suspected shooter at the scene, blending in with the crowd of onlookers.

She said she can't imagine why.

"How dare you kill my son and somebody else, and then come stand by us when you know what you’d done?" said Bridget Daniels.

Police have not confirmed if one of the suspects lingered after the shooting, but that he was seen speeding off in a dark SUV. That vehicle was recovered from a relatives’ home the next morning.

But Daniels' mother is sure, and she said that's what hurts the most.

"He went to more than one family member and stood by them. That hurt, that hit home," said Bridget Daniels.

She described her son as a person who loved life, and loved his family, a family that needed him.

Daniels left behind three children, and their mother has another one on the way.

Bridget Daniels said the children are confused. They're asking for their father.

“He has a son coming in December. They’re going to have to tell him this is what your daddy was, he was a good guy, these are pictures of your daddy," said Bridget Daniels. "That baby will never grow up to meet his dad.”

Daniels' mother said she never felt anger towards the suspects, until she saw their pictures.

“You can forgive but not forget, but you need to ask yourself or pray in a corner or whatever, and start asking God for forgiveness, because your time is going to come, and I pray that justice is served, and you guys are arrested for shooting, and killing, and taking my son,” said Bridget Daniels.

The family is seeking financial assistance for funeral arrangements. Donations can be made to Bank of America account number 325022118273.