Man accused in fatal hit-and-run: 'I got scared'

Man accused in fatal hit-and-run: 'I got scared'
BAKERSFIELD, Calif. (KBAK/KBFX) — A Bakersfield family is in mourning after their love one was killed during a hit-and-run crash Tuesday night on Chester Avenue and 1st Street. Eyewitness News went to jail to speak with the man accused of running from the scene.

Jose Arreyque is in jail on suspicion of vehicular manslaughter and felony hit-and-run. Wednesday afternoon, he told Eyewitness News he remembers everything about what happened Tuesday night, although he said it wasn't entirely his fault.

"I didn't see him, and he hit the back of my car, and that's it, and I left because I got afraid, I got scared," said Arreyque.

Sitting in handcuffs, 57-year-old Arreyque admitted to running from the crash that took the life of 22-year-old Mynor Canchan-Barrios.

"At first, I got scared, but I know not everything is my fault cause he is the one who hit me," explained Arreyque.

Bakersfield police haven't released the details of the crash, but Arreyque said he believes he did wrong leaving the scene and said he went back to turn himself in.

Arreyque is now booked into downtown jail for the second time in his life. Records show he had previous charges for DUI and driving without a license, which means Tuesday night Arreyque was driving illegally.

"Sometimes you need to (drive on a suspended license) because you need to go to work and make a living," said Arreyque, who contended he wasn't drunk Tuesday night.

"No, I drink when I came from work, 40 ounces with my dinner, and that’s it," said Arreyque.

He said he feels terrible about what happened.

"Last night I start crying when the sergeant told me the guy pass away, I feel bad for the family, too," Arreyque said.

Eyewitness News also spoke with the family of Canchan-Barrios Tuesday afternoon. They declined to give an interview but said that they don't care about Arreyque’s apologies.