Kern County officials urge public to look out for card skimming

Kern County officials urge public to look out for card skimming »Play Video

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. (KBAK/KBFX) — Kern County officials want to remind drivers to look out for a stealthy crime aimed stealing your credit information the gas pump, after two men were recently arrested in Los Angeles County for "card skimming."
Los Angeles-area police have urged people to monitor their bank statements after they caught two men with skimmers at a gas station in Los Angeles over the weekend.
The skimmer devices are illegally installed in the card-readers at gas pumps. Once you swipe your card, the fraudulent device steals your bank account information. 
Kern County Agriculture Commissioner Ruben Arroyo said using cash to buy gas is your best bet to stay safe.
Arroyo said if you don’t have cash, pay with your card inside with the teller.
If for some reason you have to pay at the pump, Arroyo said to look out for security seal stickers placed around the edges of the pump. If any of the sticker looks like it has been tampered with, use a different pump.
“There is Bluetooth technology, where all (thieves) have to do is install it once, and then all they have to do is be within 30 feet of the device. They can actually pull up like they're getting gas, but they're actually downloading the (credit card) information," Arroyo said.
If you do become a victim of card skimming at a pump,  Arroyo said it is important to immediately report it to the gas station's manager and call police.