Kern County bright spot in this year's flu outbreak

Kern County bright spot in this year's flu outbreak
BAKERSFIELD, Calif. (KBAK/KBFX) — Much of the country is experiencing an outbreak of the flu virus. California is one of only three states that hasn’t seen a surge in the virus this season.

A lot of residents, however, are taking precautions and getting the flu shot.

According to Dr. Claudia Jonah from the Kern County Public Health Department, flu shots help to prevent the spread of the virus and are especially beneficial for pregnant women and people with other illnesses that can weaken the immune system.

Jonah says contrary to popular belief, there is no evidence that the flu shot will cause you to get sick.

There was some concern of a shortage of the flu vaccine, but Jonah assures everyone wanting to receive the immunization that it is widely available at area drug stores, Targets, Wal-Marts and the Kern County Health Department.

She also says it’s important to remember the "three Cs" when it comes to the flu: cover your cough the right way, clean your hands and confine yourself to home when you are sick. If these guidelines are followed, Jonah notes it will cut way down on transmission of influenza.