Invisible Children, Kony signs catch neighborhood off guard

Invisible Children, Kony signs catch neighborhood off guard »Play Video
BAKERSFIELD, Calif. (KBAK/KBFX) — Late last week, the controversial Invisible Children campaign "Cover the Night" took place all over the nation, including in Kern County.

But, some Bakersfield residents weren't happy about how supporters of the nonprofit took part in the event.

Joseph Kony is the head of a Ugandan guerrilla group. He is accused of widespread human-rights abuses, including murder, kidnapping and forcing children to become soldiers. The San Diego-based nonprofit marked April 20 as the day to "make Kony famous."

When residents in a northwest Bakersfield neighborhood woke up to find chalk and signs plastered throughout their neighborhood, some were upset.

"I walked around the corner, and I saw one sign that said 'Kony 2012.' Then I walked around the other corner and saw another sign over there," resident Tami Iascone said.

Not only was she bothered by the litter and writing on her and her neighbors properties, the message on some of the signs didn't sit well with them.

"The whole killing thing got to me a little bit," Iascone said.

Not knowing if someone was being targeted in their neighborhood, Iascone looked online to try and see what she could find. Her attitude quickly changed.

"I found out who (he) was. I thought it was kind of cool," Iascone said.

The message spread around the neighborhood, and residents started to clean up the signs.

"Our neighbor across the street starting taking them down," Iascone said.

She said the campaign was effective, because she and her family are now educated on the issue. But, she wishes there was more of a warning before people started trashing her neighborhood with signs and chalk.

"Now that we know and the whole neighborhood knows we are fine," Iascone said.

The Invisible Children said by spreading awareness they hope that by the end of the year Kony will be found and arrested.