Happy Jack's serves half century of hamburgers

Happy Jack's serves half century of hamburgers
BAKERSFIELD, Calif. (KBAK/KBFX) — A half century of hamburgers have been served at Happy Jack’s downtown. The restaurant opened in 1963.

Frances Rosales and her husband bought it in 1976.

“A hamburger back then was $1.10,” Rosales said.

The price has changed, but the third-pound, 100 percent sirloin patty has stayed the same. It’s a burger that comes with condiments and compliments.

Customers, such as Wilma LaPerla, who’s been eating at Jack’s for more than 45 years, keep the restaurant humming along.

“It’s like family coming in here,” LaPerla said.

Rosales credited the fresh ingredients, friendly service and loyal customers as the not-so-secret ingredient to Happy Jack’s success.

“We are the dying breed, the mom-and-pop business,” Rosales said. “It was the support of all our customers, everyone helped us.”