Governor, state lawmakers get pay raise

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The room of the California State Assembly is seen in a photo used under Creative Commons license from David Monniaux.

SACRAMENTO, Calif. (AP) — The commission that sets the pay of California lawmakers and statewide elected officials such as the governor and attorney general has voted to restore a 5 percent pay cut it made to salaries last year as state employees faced furloughs.

Pay rates for lawmakers, statewide officials >>

Wednesday's vote was 5-1 in favor of restoring the wages to 2011 levels. Chairman Thomas Dalzell opted not to vote because a tie-breaker was not necessary.

The base salary of rank and-file lawmakers has dropped from $116,208 five years ago to $90,526, while the governor's salary has declined from a high of $212,179 in 2008 to $165,288.

Lawmakers now will make $95,290 a year while the governor will be paid $174,000.

Members of the California Citizens Compensation Commission cited the state's improving finances and the lack of a budget deficit.

Pay rates for lawmakers, statewide officials

The California Citizens Compensation Commission voted Wednesday to restore some pay cuts to state lawmakers and statewide elected officials, amounting to a raise of more than 5 percent from current salaries. Here are the current base salaries and the salaries after the raises take effect Dec. 1:

Governor: from $165,288 to $173,987.

Lieutenant governor: from $123,965 to $130,490.

Attorney general: from $143,571 to $151,127.

Secretary of state: from $123,965 to $130,490.

Controller: from $132,230 to $139,189.

Treasurer: from $132,230 to $139,189.

Superintendent of public instruction: from $143,571 to $151,127.

Insurance commissioner: from $132,230 to $139,189.

Board of Equalization members: from $123,965 to $130,490.

Speaker of the Assembly: from $104,105 to $109,584.

President pro tem of the Senate: from $104,105 to $109,584.

Minority floor leader: from $104,105 to $109,584.

Majority floor leader: from $97,315 to $102,437.

Second ranking minority leader: from $97,315 to $102,437.

All other lawmakers: from $90,526 to $95,291.