Good Samaritans rescue children in near-drowning at lake

Good Samaritans rescue children in near-drowning at lake

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. (KBAK/KBFX) - It was a hot Fourth of July, and 12-year-old Nayeli Raigoza was cooling off in the lake along with other family members at The Park at River Walk when she noticed something was wrong.

"We were just swimming and there was (sic) two little kids in the water," said Raigoza.

The children in the water were a boy and girl, both 4 years old.  Both were in distress. The girl was floating with her face down.  Raigoza and other children began yelling to other family members, who were nearby, to get their attention. 

"I had reached for the boy and I pulled him out," said Raigoza.  "And then my uncle pulled the girl out, and my aunt did CPR."

The girl was placed on the ground, and that's when Raigoza's aunt, Maria Barajas, of Oxnard, started performing the life-saving procedure on the girl, who appeared to be lifeless.

"She was not breathing, no pulse," said Barajas, who works as a medical assistant. "I blew into her mouth three times and then pumped her little stomach, and after the fourth time, she spit out the water."

Police said the children had separated from a large gathering consisting of multiple families.

"The parents were here. There was some miscommunication among family members, they lost sight of kids playing," said Sgt. Sean Morphis with Bakersfield police.

Both children were taken to a local hospital for observation and are expected to fully recover.