Flight of the condor at Condors game goes viral

Flight of the condor at Condors game goes viral
BAKERSFIELD, Calif. (KBAK/KBFX) — If it was any other Condor, it would’ve received two minutes for tripping. Instead it’s receiving 15 minutes of fame.

Before the Bakersfield Condors were set to take on Las Vegas on Friday night, a real condor, Queen Victoria, decided she didn’t feel like flying out to center ice as she was supposed to.

“It’s the top social media story from the weekend,” said Kevin Bartl, Bakersfield Condors radio broadcaster.

As of Monday night, the video has nearly half a million views on YouTube.

“It’s definitely taken off. It’s crazy.”

It was a bird that didn’t take off that’s caused the viral takeoff.

“I'm watching the bird, and we're ready for him to fly out on his perch at center ice,” said Bartl. “it didn't exactly go as planned.”

The bird’s handler said everything had gone fine in a pregame rehearsal.

But, during the national anthem, the bird show began.

“As far as she was concerned, she just said, 'Forget it, I'm not going to do your crazy anthem thing.' So she just walked off."

Queen Victoria walked off towards the Bakersfield Condors players.

“Here’s a bunch of big tough hockey players, they're wearing gear from head to toe, there's almost no skin showing whatsoever,” said Bartl. "Some of them are running, one was trying to hop out on the ice to get away from the thing, it flew at the coaches head, so he's ducking.”

Joe the Birdman compared Queen Victoria to a spoiled star.

“She literally just walked off the stage like your basic pampered rock star who just decided she didn't feel like singing tonight.”

The bird was unharmed, but the handler suffered a few cracked ribs, protecting the bird as he fell.

“I live and I breathe condor conservation, and there’s no way I’d go out there and put a bird at risk," he said. "I just wish there was a better way to direct attention towards condor conservation efforts, because anything that supports that I don't mind cracking a rib for.”

Coach Matt O’Dette said it’s one of the craziest things he’s ever seen happen during a game.

“Expect the unexpected.”