Eyewitness News crew attacked during story investigation

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Chasidy Wilhite confronts an Eyewitness News crew Monday, Jan. 30, 2012, in Weldon while the news crew investigated an alleged murder. Wilhite, the suspect and the alleged murder victim were involved in an alleged love triangle.

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. (KBAK/KBFX) — Eyewitness News was investigating an alleged murder this week when one of the primary players in the case tried to run down the reporter and photographer with her minivan.

Raw video of the attack on an Eyewitness News crew >>

An alleged love triangle sparked murder, Kern County deputies say. Danny Mathis, 51, is accused of killing Ruben Torres, 22, after Torres had sex with his ex-girlfriend, Chasidy Wilhite. Torres' body was discovered in the trunk of a car over the weekend.

Eyewitness News dispatched a crew Monday to the reported scene of the murder, a home on Bronco Court in the Kern River Valley town of Weldon. While shooting video of the house, Wilhite got in a minivan and drove at the news crew at a high-rate of speed, crashing into the camera's tripod and breaking the camera.

Wilhite screamed expletives at the news crew, which she clearly didn't want anywhere near her or her home.

"That was my (expletive) boyfriend!" she yelled at the news crew. "Leave!"

A little while later, the news crew was down the road talking to a neighbor about the case when Wilhite drove up, laid on her horn and again yelled expletives.

"Leave!" she yelled at Eyewitness News. "You have no right, leave now! I don't give a (expletive) if you are video taping me now! Leave my house, and leave my property."

The woman left the area and returned twice more, each time laying on the horn and yelling.

Eyewitness News called the sheriff's office and filed a complaint against Wilhite, alleging she assaulted the news crew with her van. Tuesday, the sheriff's office said it would ask the district attorney to charge Wilhite with assault with a deadly weapon.

Meanwhile, the murder case against Mathis took the next step. His arraignment on a first-degree murder charge was postponed Tuesday for another week.

Raw video of the attack on an Eyewitness News crew: