Evacuated Arvin residents get an update on cleanup

Evacuated Arvin residents get an update on cleanup »Play Video

ARVIN, Calif. (KBAK/KBFX) — County officials updated Arvin's city council Tuesday about the situation surrounding the cleanup of homes evacuated seven weeks ago due to a leak from an underground pipeline.

Families living on the north side on the 1300 block of Nelson Court were evacuated on March 18.

The residents, who remain under evacuation, said they were expecting more information about what is being done to get them back home.

The county's environmental health director provided an update to the council, as did a representative from Petro Capital Resources.

But, neither would discuss information about what chemicals are being eradicated and potential future implications to residents, nor was there a clearer timetable offered for when residents could be allowed to return home.

County Supervisor Leticia Perez said legal counsel may be sought to see if the county could release that information.