Dog attack has NW Bakersfield neighborhood on edge

Dog attack has NW Bakersfield neighborhood on edge »Play Video
BAKERSFIELD, Calif. (KBAK/KBFX) — A northwest Bakersfield neighborhood is on edge after a pit bull attack on Friday.

It was around noon when Terry McEvoy said his wife heard a noise at the front door of the couple's Great Country Drive home.

"Right here were these two big 100-pound pit bulls, and Charlie just bolted the door," said McEvoy.

That’s when his wife heard a different noise.

"She heard bones breaking, so it was pretty much he was done right there," McEvoy said.

Charlie is the couple's dog. McEvoy said the dog had to be put down, because "he was just too damaged."

Eyewitness News couldn't reach the owners of the pit bulls, but the two dogs are in 10-day quarantine at the Mount Vernon Animal Shelter.

Kern County Animal Control said they're likely to be released with a microchip to monitor them.

An official said a dog is allowed two incidents within a three-year period before it can have a hearing to be euthanized.

McEvoy said the neighborhood is worried if the two pit bulls will be returned to their owner.

"The tragedy would be if they killed one of the children. I mean they were so fast, so strong, they could kill a small child in a matter of seconds," McEvoy said.