Dirty photo makes mess of local Golden Corral's reputation?

Dirty photo makes mess of local Golden Corral's reputation? »Play Video
BAKERSFIELD, Calif. (KBAK/KBFX) — It's a photo that might ruin your appetite, but it hasn't quite ruined business at one local restaurant.

The image shows a kitchen with a mountain of dirty dishes and food on the floor. The picture comes from a complaint in early March at the Golden Corral buffet restaurant in southwest Bakersfield.

The Kern County Health Department on Monday explained how the restaurant was able to stay open. The restaurant's dishwasher had broken down.

"It's not a requirement in state law to have a dishwasher as long as they're properly sanitizing dishes," said Donna Fenton.

The environmental health division director said the picture is upsetting, but it's not necessarily a violation.

But, when the dishwasher broke again last week, Fenton said they had to inspect the kitchen again.

"A place like Golden Corral goes through a lot of dishes, and it's difficult to keep up with demand when they're trying to do it manually," Fenton said. "Now, if we found they were taking dishes out and being used by the customers without proper sanitation, that's a public health risk because you spread disease that way. Then we would have closed them down."

She said the restaurant wanted to clean up their image after the picture dirtied their reputation.

"Actually, they called us this morning and asked us to do an inspection, because they were aware of the photo that had been posted on Facebook and they were worried about their reputation," the county health official said.