Delano residents appeal to City Council in wake of student's death

Delano residents appeal to City Council in wake of student's death

DELANO, Calif. (KBAK/KBFX) -- The sudden death of Shaylyn Pinoliar, a 12-year-old student who was struck by a truck while walking to school, has prompted Delano residents to make a direct appeal to the City Council.

"This girl's tragedy actually builds momentum," said Mario Reyes while addressing the Delano City Council on Monday evening.

Several residents spoke of numerous streets and intersections around town they say are dangerous, and are accidents waiting to  happen. They pleaded to have the city post more stop signs, crosswalks, stop lights and police officers at these locations.

City staff said that will take time, but they must proceed cautiously.

"We can't just go out and paint crosswalks," said Delano City Engineer Roman Dowling, "but we are looking at all those things that are being requested and see what makes sense, what is justifiable as per state guidelines."

Dowling said the city is already doing stop sign warrant studies at several locations. One of those locations is precisely at the intersection of Summer Drive and Browning Road, the site where Shaylyn was killed.

Shaylyn was in the crosswalk when she was hit by a driver who was making a right hand turn from Summer Drive onto Browning Road.

"This is still an ongoing investigation, it's not as open and shut as some may think it is," said Delano Police Chief Mark DeRosia.

The death of the seventh-grade student at La Vina Middle School has united the community in a show of support for the family.

Still, however, her father said the family is struggling as best as they can with their loss.

"It's really hard. That's my baby girl, that's my birthday gift.  She was born on my birthday," said Fegimar Pinoliar.