Delano prepares for prospect of school shooting

Delano prepares for prospect of school shooting »Play Video
DELANO, Calif. (KBAK/KBFX) - Like most school functions, Thursday’s meeting in Delano was educational.

“We learned there are no exceptions to this,” said Delano Police Chief Mark Derosia. “This can happen anyplace, anytime, anywhere in the United States.”

“This” is the possibility of a school shooting. In light of January’s shooting in Taft, and December’s shooting in Newtown, Conn., the schools, police and city are touching base.

“The schools and police department have to be on the same page from beginning to end, to make sure things are handled,” said City Council member Grace Vallejo.

“Make sure we’re on the same sheet of music,” Derosia reiterated.

Music to the citizens ears: the city in harmony, to keep the kids out of harm’s way.

Derosia said the communication is an ongoing process, with increased awareness.

“We’ve been in meetings, we’ve talked about adding additional school officers, we’ve looked at security plans," Derosia said.

“Life is not perfect and our plan is not perfect, but we do have a plan of action,” said Rosalina Rivera, the superintendent of the Delano Joint Union High School District.