Delano man hopes to properly end property dispute

Delano man hopes to properly end property dispute »Play Video
A man who told us he couldn't get into his own house because the locks had been changed while he was locked up.

David Springs has been living at Operation Fresh Start for two months.

He came to the sober home after serving twenty days in prison for a meth charge.

But Springs says he's ready to go home to the Delano property he's lived in for thirty years.

"That's my goal right now to get back in there, make repairs and get my life straight."

But he can't.

Springs says while he was in jail an old acquaintance moved in without his permission and has been there since.

He says that was four months ago.

"When I got out I made the call and they still haven't been evicted."

Neighbors say there are cars in and out all the time.

Springs says the squatters are engaging in illegal activities.

He told us he's called the sheriff's department.

A deputy told us it's a dispute between the property owner and whoever is at the property.

The deputy says it's an issue that must be resolved in civil court. Until then they can't evict anyone.

Springs says he's hired an attorney, and is hoping to get his case in court.