Official: KMC budget request may cost county over 200 jobs

Official: KMC budget request may cost county over 200 jobs
BAKERSFIELD, Calif. (KBAK/KBFX) — The troubled county hospital that has lost millions of dollars a month has hired a medical consulting firm to advise officials how they can turn things around.

Monday, Kern County supervisors heard from Kern Medical Center officials and shared their thoughts on the way forward.

Los Angeles-based medical consulting firm Camden Group began the morning sharing current trends in the hospital industry. One of the big trends is county hospitals giving up operating control to private companies.

The big question that was on everyone's mind: With the hospital continuing to rack up millions of dollars in losses, would KMC follow that path to privatization?

Supervisor Mike Maggard asked County Administrative Officer John Nilon how many jobs the county has to eliminate to fulfill the previously requested $15 million KMC needs next year to operate.

Nilon said to make up the $15 million, the county would have to cut 107 jobs across other departments.

An additional $11 million listed in a budget presented during Monday’s meeting by KMC Chief Financial Officer Sandy Martin could cost the county over 100 more jobs, according to Nilon.