CHP officers accused of sexual assault after DUI stop

CHP officers accused of sexual assault after DUI stop

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. (KBAK/KBFX) — Two California Highway Patrol officers have been accused of sexually assaulting a suspected drunk driver.

Kern County deputies were called Sunday to a Bakersfield home, where a woman told them she was assaulted two days earlier.

The woman was pulled over Friday morning by a sheriff's deputy in the area of Merle Haggard Drive and Highway 99. That deputy suspected her of driving under the influence and called the CHP to conduct a DUI investigation.

The deputy who conducted the traffic stop left the scene after handing the situation over to two CHP officers.

The woman alleged the CHP officers agreed to follow her to her home instead of arresting her for DUI. One of the officers allegedly sexually assaulted the woman in her bedroom, the sheriff's office said Monday.

The CHP is cooperating with the investigation, according to the sheriff's office. The accused officers have been identified, but no arrests have been made.