Bus service to LAX shut down after less than 1 week

Bus service to LAX shut down after less than 1 week

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. (KBAK/KBFX) — A new bus service to provide transportation to Los Angeles International Airport from Bakersfield has shut down after less than one week in operation.

The service by Interstate Bus started running last Sunday. The company sent out a tweet over this weekend that stated the service would no longer be provided and that refunds would be handled through whatever payment method was used.

The sudden stop stranded dozens of people without warning.

The Bakersfield phone number for the company offers only a recorded message, noting that service has stopped. The company's website offered the same limited information.

"We have cancelled service, because our credit line to sustain it did not come through. The initial cash burn was higher than we expected," said Joel Azumah in a response to a request for information from Eyewitness News.

According to travel site Kayak.com, a Virgin America flight to New York out of LAX will cost $290. The same flight out of Meadows Field in Bakersfield is $467 on United Airlines. That difference in price often makes LAX a more common choice for Bakersfield travelers.

Eyewitness News compiled the following information on alternatives to the Interstate Bus service for getting to LAX.


According to BakersfieldGasPrices.com, the lowest cost for a gallon of regular is $3.28. With an average fuel economy of 24 mpg, driving the 236-mile round trip to LAX will cost you about $32.25.

But, then, there's airport parking. In the economy lot, it runs $12 a day.

For a three-day trip, that’s a grand total of $68.25.


There is an Amtrak bus from Bakersfield to Los Angeles Union Station, but the fare must be purchased along with a train ticket.

A train out of Wasco to a bus leaving Bakersfield's Amtrak station for Union Station will cost $17.

From Union Station, you can take the LAX FlyAway bus to the airport for $7.

The round trip total comes out to $48.

Rental Car

There's also the option of a one-way car rental. But rates can vary.

As of Monday, the cheapest rate for a one-way rental to LAX for Friday, Dec. 13, is more than $100 per day, plus the cost of gas.