Boyfriend of missing Wofford Heights woman in court

Boyfriend of missing Wofford Heights woman in court

WOFFORD HEIGHTS, Calif. (KBAK/KBFX) - A young mother has been missing from Wofford Heights for more than two weeks. Sunday, a woman's body was found just blocks away from her family's home.

The coroner's office said Tuesday that it concluded an autopsy, but results are pending additional studies. The name is also being withheld positive identification.

The father of the missing woman, Brandi Tanner, told Eyewitness News that he believes the body found is his daughter's.

"It's like a puzzle that can't be put together at this point. But somebody, I know somebody up here knows something,” said Dan Tanner.

Brandi Tanner was last seen the morning of July 7. Her family said she left home to take a walk after an argument with her brother. She never returned.

"At this point, it's just a nightmare that won't go away. And I need for it to go away," said Dan Tanner.

The missing woman's father visited the hill, and there he discovered a pair of sandals that he said are his daughter's. He gave them to the sheriff's department as evidence.

"I took (deputies) up to the site yesterday where I found Brandi's slippers, her flip-flops. I showed them exactly where I found them,” said Tanner.

Her father said Brandi Tanner has a troubled past with her boyfriend David Lofty. That past leads him to another reason to believe the body found on the hill belongs to his daughter.

"Whoever put her there knew that that was her and David's secret spot," the father said. "They knew it. So that means it’s somebody close to her."

Lofty was in jail the day Brandi Tanner went missing. Lofty is incarcerated over a domestic violence charge from May. He is accused of beating her at their Lake Isabella home.

Tuesday, Lofty was in court for that charge. Lofty pleaded not guilty and was granted $80,000 bail.

"I knew he was no good. I tried to talk to my daughter about it. I tried to talk to her, father to daughter. And I'll never forget what she said to me. She said, 'Dad, trust me.' And that's the biggest mistake I ever made,” said Dan Tanner.

Tanner said Lofty was out of jail between July 10 and 13. Tanner said during that time, Lofty went looking for Brandi Tanner.

"Three days. He was out three days. After Brandi went missing. And supposedly he went berserk. Stabbed that guy four times because he thought he knew where Brandi was. Went to Visalia to his exe's, went to Ridgecrest looking for Brandi,” said Dan Tanner.

For now, Dan Tanner said he has many unanswered questions, that lead him to believe that body on the hill is his daughter's, who never came home.

"Until the cause of death, the time of death, and the reason for the death, that in itself, I'm hoping, will close a lot of doors, answer a lot of questions. And, maybe, point us in the direction of who took my angel from me,” said Tanner.