Battle continues over proposed condominium development

Battle continues over proposed condominium development

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. (KBAK/KBFX) - The next round over a proposed 100-unit condominium development project will be heard Wednesday before Bakersfield City Council members.

The developer, Black Ops Real Estate, is appealing a decision made June 6 by the planning commission that denied it a zone change to go forward with the project.

"It's been an uphill fight," said neighbor Daniel Brito, who is one of hundreds in River Oaks opposed to the building of condominiums on a 10-acre site at Ming Avenue and River Run Boulevard. 

Neighbors argued against the development, citing a number of concerns and saying the project is incompatible and inconsistent with the general plan for the area.

"Sticking a complex like they plan on doing just doesn't fit right in the neighborhood," said Brito.

River Oaks consists of single family homes. The condo project consists of a total of 100 units; 50 are two-bedroom and 50 are three-bedroom. It would be surrounded by a wall 6-feet tall.

The planning commission sided with the neighbors at its June 6 meeting and denied the zoning change needed for the project to go forward. Black Ops is now appealing that decision to the Bakersfield City Council.

"I don't know what the City Council is going to decide," said Amy Johnson Barks, a leading neighborhood organizer against the project.

Roger McIntosh, of McIntosh and Associates, which represents Black Ops, said the project has met or exceeded all city requirements.

"I hope (City Council) go against what the planning commission has decided," said McIntosh.  "They are supposed to look at land use issues, not a popularity contest."

Should the City Council ultimately decide to approve the project, neighbors say they will take the issue to court to try and stop it.