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Germs can be scary secret of Halloween masks

Germs can be scary secret of Halloween masks
BAKERSFIELD, Calif. (KBAK/KBFX) - There could be something spooky, or at lease dirty, lurking behind that Halloween mask in the store.

“Sometimes in your everyday life, you’re exposed to different germs,” said Matt Constantine, the director of Kern County Public Health.

Constantine reminded shoppers anytime you try on a mask in the store, you’re sharing that space with a stranger.

“Just be aware there’s a little bit of a risk,” he said. “Did they sneeze on the inside of the mask? Did they have a runny nose? Was it a child potentially?”

He said to wait until you get home to try on any mask.

“Wash it,” said Constantine. “Just some water and soap, you can buy some sanitizers or those little hand sanitizers that you can buy and actually wipe off the mask, that might be a good idea.”
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