Funeral held for 4-year-old boy

Funeral held for 4-year-old boy »Play Video
ARVIN, Calif. -- Funeral services were held Tuesday for 4-year-old Markey Dixon, who died after he allegedly fell off a table April 23.

The boy's parents, Mark and Alexis Dixon, said their very emotional good-byes, while attendees looked at photos of the boy, listened to some of his favorite songs and a poem written by the father.

"They're not supposed to go before we do," Mark Dixon said after the service. "I prayed to God that He'd take me instead."

The child was laid to rest in the Arvin Cemetery, and father Mark Dixon said he was heart-broken over the death of his child.

"Even though I told him I loved him every day, I feel like I didn't tell him enough," the father said -- choking back tears.

The small white casket was covered with flowers, and a small Spider-Man figure. The father said that super hero was a favorite of Markey's.

The child suffered head injuries, and the Kern County Sheriff's Office said the injuries looked suspicious. Mark Dixon has denied any wrongdoing, and no arrests have been made.

Mark Dixon said the child's mother, Alexis, is overcome with grief.

"She's falling apart," Dixon said. "She's just falling apart."

Alexis Dixon told Eyewitness News she hoped memorial services for Markey could also be held soon with her family in Sacramento.

Loved ones hugged the grieving parents, and dabbed at their eyes during the service.

Mark Dixon said he can't even imagine what he'll miss most about his son.

"I'm going to miss everything," the father said. "I don't know how I'm going to make it."