Exclusive: Take a tour of the Vincent Brothers family home

Exclusive: Take a tour of the Vincent Brothers family home »Play Video
The last time I was in the home of Earnestine and Joanie Harper was in the late 90's. I was there to interview Earnestine Harper several times on stories related to her activism in several community causes.

Tour the entire Harper Home

But revisiting that house today in 2007 was completely different. As I entered the house, it seemed terribly empty, and not because it was void of furniture or belongings. Earnestine, her daughter Joanie and her three grandchildren were found murdered in this house in July, 2003.

The man charged with their murder is Vincent Brothers. Brothers was married to Joanie Harper and the pair had three children. The prosecution says Brothers had several marital affairs and wanted to kill his family to rid himself of the financial burden of raising three kids.

On Tuesday February 20Th, the judge in the case Michael Bush along with prosecutor Lisa Green and defense attorneys visited the Harper family home. Green wants the jury to visit the crime scene at some point in the trial. Judge Bush has not yet made a decision and the visit was made to help him decide.

With permission from the Harper family, I went inside and recalled immediately where Earnestine and I last talked inside her house, it was in the living room of an immaculately clean home. But now I saw the hallway where Earnestine's body was found slumped on the floor. She had been shot at least one time.

Further down the hallway across the family room and on the other side of the home is Joanie Harper's bedroom. Here police found Joanie and her three children, Marques Juwan age four, Lyndsey Michelle age two and six week-old Marshall. All had been shot. Baby Marshall was found underneath his mother's body, as though she was protecting him.

As I toured the home, it was difficult to comprehend such a crime scene where three generations of a single family met a violent death. Tour the Home