Two men arrested in the shooting death of Samuel George.

Two men arrested in the shooting death of Samuel George. »Play Video
The family of a murder victim says they are grateful and relieved, two men are arrested in the shooting death of Samuel George.

George's body was found on Breckenridge Rd. December 1st.

Kern County Sheriff's Detectives were able to make arrests in this murder case less than three weeks after the body of Samuel George was found in a rural area.

For the Victim's family, this is what they had been hoping and praying for.

Vicky Barrios son, 24 year old Samuel George whose body was found on Breckenridge Rd west of Comanche on December 1st. He had been shot several times.

Sheriff's Detectives doggedly pursued leads in the victim's car, that led to the arrests of 24 year old Heriberto Eddie Valencia and 19 year old Eugene Lujan.

Sgt. Wim Leyder of the Sheriff's Department said, "What led us to the suspects was good ole fashioned detective work in following all the leads."

When asked if they thought any of the suspects know the murder victim, Leyder replied, "I think they were all acquainted with each other. How well they know each other depends upon the story. we're getting conflicting stories. One says it's all the other guy's fault, which is typical. They try to lay it off on the other folks".

When Samuel George was killed, four small children were left without a father. His wife Carmen, is pregnant with their fifth child and this is perhaps the most difficult thing for them to understand, or for their Grandmother to try and explain.

The Grandmother says, "His children cry every night for him and they don't understand where their Daddy's at and his oldest daughter Savannah tells me every night, it's not fair Grandma that I don't have any Daddy and it's such a tragic to explain to these little children where their Dad's at and he's not coming home. It is such a void in all of our lives."

The suspects Heriberto Eddie Valencia and Eugene Lujan are expected to be charged with first degree murder on Wednesday.