Documentary on Bakersfield child molestation cases to air nationally

Documentary on Bakersfield child molestation cases to air nationally
Kern County's criminal justice system comes under scrutiny in a documentary called 'Witch Hunt'. The film will air Sunday night (April 12)

'Witch Hunt' tells the story of a string of child molestation cases that gripped Kern County during the 1980's. Scores of people were arrested
accused of torture, molestation and participating in sex parties with children.

Tales of Satanic rituals involving children were supposed to have been held around Bakersfield.

Problem was however, prosecutors had little or no physical evidence to
back up the charges. But people were still convicted anyway.

But each case prosecuted by the Kern County District Attorney's office under Ed Jagels would eventually fall apart and people would be freed.
But not before spending years behind bars and at a high cost.

"They didn't listen then. They just convicted us, they convicted all of us," said Marcella Pitts. She and her husband Ricky were wrongly convicted to hundreds of years for allegedly molesting their children.

It would later be revealed Kern County law enforcement used faulty techniques in interviewing children, getting them to say what prosecutors wanted to hear.

'Witch Hunt' is narrated by Sean Penn. The film's producers hope to eventually bring the film to Bakersfield for an exclusive showing.