Family burned out of home, woman escapes flames

Family burned out of home, woman escapes flames »Play Video
All was well Wednesday evening on the 29 hundred block of Singing Hills Drive in northeast Bakersfield until Jackie Ripple noticed the horn from her car stored in the garage was going off. She opened the garage door and was greeted by thick black smoke.

"It was scary! I started panicking running around in circles until I called
911," said Ripple. The flames spread quickly and before she knew it, flames had engulfed her garage and the car inside. And then came two loud noises.

"It just blew up! Two big explosions," said Ripple. Ripple was alone at the time, but she was worried about her four dogs who were following her everywhere.

As the flames were growing, a neighbor across the street, Mike Martinez, grabbed his video camera and started recording the scene. Martinez can be heard on the tape asking his wife if Ripple might be at home and needs help.

Other neighbors grabbed garden-hoses and started watering their property.

Penny Sanchez says her six-year old son became very upset when he saw the flames. The youngster started crying, afraid his house would catch fire.

Damage to the home is estimated at $80,000.