Eyewitness News investigates Trapcall's unblocking service

Eyewitness News investigates Trapcall's unblocking service »Play Video
For Vivianna Huerta, the sound of her phone ringing is a pleasant experience, except when it's from an unknown caller.

Huerta works for the Quick Rooter Plumbing company, which has recently been the target of prank callers.

The Web site www.trapcall.com promises an end to her problems, she says. On the site, users enter their phone numbers and confirmation codes are sent to them. Once registered, calls that are initially sent as blocked are unmasked by the company server sending the actual number to the phone.

Eyewitness News investigated Trapcall to see if it worked and found the company makes good on its claims.

The service is currently available to T-Mobile and AT&T customers, but Trapcall president Meir Cohen says his service should be available for other carriers in the next few weeks.

Eyewitness News asked folks on the streets of Bakersfield what they thought of Trapcall. Most people liked the service, but some, such as Chris Frazier, say Trapcall violates privacy rights.

"Once we block our own call, it's our own choice, and it should be respected," Frazier says.

Cohen says Trapcall won't work on 800 numbers.

"It is our job to make the public aware their calls are not blocked and not to rely on the false sense of security," Cohen says.