UPDATED: Boy stops dog attack with jiujitsu choke hold

UPDATED: Boy stops dog attack with jiujitsu choke hold
EDITOR'S NOTE: The attached video ran during an Eyewitness News broadcast on Jan. 2. Some of the information in the video is incorrect or outdated. The story below contains corrected and updated information.


A 9-year-old Bakersfield boy is being called a hero after he saved a girl and her dog from a larger dog that attacked them.

Drew Heredia said he and a friend were walking a dachshund mix Dec. 30 when the larger dog attacked them. The boy's friend, an unidentified 12-year-old girl, reportedly tried to save her dog, prompting the larger dog to bite her.

Heredia said he jumped on the larger dog and applied a choke hold that he learned while taking classes at a Brazilian jiujitsu studio in southwest Bakersfield.

"It was kind of a heart-pounding moment," Heredia said. "It was very scary."

He said he held the larger dog for 20 minutes until an animal control officer arrived.

"At first, I wanted to kick it, but then I thought it's not a good idea, because it could get my leg," Heredia said.

The girl was taken to Mercy Southwest Hospital where she was treated for puncture wounds.

The girl's dog was not injured. It ran away during the attack but returned home a few days later.

The attacking dog wasn't claimed by its original owner and was quarantined at Kern County Animal Control, where it was headed for euthanasia. Animal control officers, however, deemed the dog safe, and an unidentified family adopted it Jan. 12.

The Heredia family told Eyewitness News following the attack that the larger dog was a pit bull, and Eyewitness News didn't verify the accuracy of that assertion before reporting that the dog was a pit bull. Animal control officers later identified the dog as a mutt comprised of pit bull, shar-pei and rottweiler.