Teens ID'd for Parrott murders, likely to be tried as adults

Teens ID'd for Parrott murders, likely to be tried as adults
*** EDITOR'S NOTE: The attached video was broadcast Monday evening on Eyewitness News before the suspects were identified on Tuesday.


The Kern County District Attorney's Office has identified the two teenagers arrested for murdering Joe and Dorothy Parrott as 17-year-old Kyle Hoffman of Bakersfield and 16-year-old Luis William Palafox of Moreno Valley.

Police didn't release the names of the suspects when the arrests were announced Monday, because Hoffman and Palafox are minors, but the DA's office confirmed the names on Tuesday.

The Superior Court of Kern County calender shows Hoffman and Palafox scheduled for arraignment Tuesday afternoon on two charges each of first-degree murder. That indicates Hoffman and Palafox will be tried as adults.

The Parrotts were an elderly couple found dead in August in their central Bakersfield home.

A breakthrough in the case came Sunday after a tipster called police with information that tied Hoffman to the murders. Hoffman was arrested Sunday in Bakersfield and Palafox was arrested Monday in Riverside County.

Monday morning, the victims' son, Dr. Richard Parrott, said the family is relieved by the arrests.

"It's been a long, long time," Parrott told Eyewitness News. "It's both a happy and a sad time."

News of the arrests brings some closure, but the family is still grieving. Longtime family friend Nanci Bentz said the deaths were shocking, and it's been very hard for the family to wait so long for any arrests.

"They knew they would in some way get resolution," Bentz said. "We're just thankful that the resolution came when it did. It could have gone to a cold case, and that wasn't what I was wanting."

Investigators spent days collecting evidence at the crime scene, and police had been tight-lipped since the bodies were found Aug. 6. Now, police say they believe the murders happened late at night on Aug 4. Investigators say the Parrotts were beaten and stabbed.

Hoffman and Palafox intended to burglarize the Parrotts' home, which they viewed as an easy target, according to police.

"We believe the reason they went into the area is, No.1, that it was not a very well-lit area, there were no vehicles in the driveway (and) it was dark in the area, which led them to that particular residence," Lt. Hajir Nuriddin said.

Detectives found stolen items from the Parrotts at the homes of both suspects.

Nuriddin said receiving the tip on Sunday morning about Hoffman was crucial to moving the case forward.

"That's huge," Nuriddin said. "Every homicide is very complex, and very unique, and we work on them as long as necessary to bring closure to it. But, when we have a citizen that comes forward, has the courage to come forward and and provide us with information they have come into, that helps us being able to solve these cases."

Neighbors said they are relieved suspects have been arrested, but they still have concerns about their safety.

"That's what sticks in my mind, I can't imagine anyone doing this with the venom that was demonstrated, and I'm very much relieved" said neighbor Judy Hamlin.

But, neighbor Jeff Lewis still worries.

"I'm glad they got them. Boy, that really makes my heart feel better," Lewis said. "But, it makes me wonder what's happening. Let's just put it this way, I'm extra vigilant."