Accused animal abuser returns to jail

Accused animal abuser returns to jail
The Kern County woman whose been on the run from animal cruelty charges is back in Bakersfield.

The woman whose been using the name Anita Gilbert was brought back from Los Angeles County on Tuesday afternoon after being tracked down by a bail bondsman.

She's now in jail in downtown Bakersfield and slated to be arraigned Thursday in Bakersfield on 10 counts of animal cruelty. She was also arraigned Wednesday in Mojave on a charge of threatening a public defender.

The woman has been hiding since August after being arrested in July for animal cruelty.

She was allegedly staying for five days in an Oxnard motel room when captured. Officers found 20 cats, one dead, in a small room, and the motel manager said the cleaning crew found two more kittens the next day in the mess left behind.

The motel manger said they also found two active cell phones, and he said he'll give those to the Kern County District Attorney's Office.

At the motel, the manager said the woman registered under the name Gretchen Becker. In the summer, the bail bondsman said the woman rented an apartment in Fillmore using the name Elizabeth Neuffer.

The bondsman had tracked the woman down to the community of Reseda last week.

The deputy DA working on the case said Tuesday that he'll look into the woman's habit of using aliases.