Student caught with knife at school then targets others on hit list

Student caught with knife at school then targets others on hit list
A 10-year-old student at Myrtle Avenue School in Lamont was caught with a knife on campus says Kern County Sheriff's deputy Drake Massey.

The student was sent home and the student's mother then made another discovery in her son's notebook.

"There was a hit list with the names of six students that said something like "kill so and so," said Massey.

The parent notified the school which in turn contacted the Kern County Sheriff's Department.

"We contacted all the names on the list, apparently they were friends of the kid that brought the knife to the school," said Massey.

All students on the list were interviewed and their parents were notified of the incident said Massey.

"Everybody is in the same frame of mind that this probably was just a joke. We did take it seriously though," said Massey.

It was no laughing matter for other parents at Myrtle Avenue School.

"I'm worried you know, because I think it's not right. I know that these kinds of things happen at other schools," said parent Sadie Vasquez.

Vasquez has two children at Myrtle Avenue School and says while something like incident is troubling, she thinks her children are safe at school.

The Sheriff's report has been turned over to the Kern County Probation Department for review.