Sign damage highlights campaign emotions

Sign damage highlights campaign emotions »Play Video
The approaching election has emotions running high and is even causing some to cross the line.

This year, cases of campaign sign damage seems to be on the rise as many signs across Bakersfield are turning up damaged or even missing.

While on her way to take her kids to school, Gloria Machuca made a startling discovery. Someone had cut up her Yes on Prop. 8 signs. If passed, Prop. 8 would amend the language of the California Constitution to read marriage equals one man and one woman.

"At first, I thought my kids did something, but then I looked around the corner and saw that all signs in the neighborhood had been ripped or cut," Machuca said.

This year, the damage to campaign signs stretches beyond issues or party affiliations. Jim Mattern and his wife woke up to find nearly 70 McCain-Palin signs as well as Yes on Prop. 8 signs on their front lawn. This past weekend, several Obama signs were spray-painted black.

"Everybody should be able to express themselves," said Scott Raab of the John McCain campaign.

Bernita Jenkins from the Barack Obama campaign agrees.

"This is about your choice, this is about freedom of speech and you cannot, you cannot, take away someone's freedom of speech," Jenkins said.