Ex-cop gets 9 years for sex crimes

Ex-cop gets 9 years for sex crimes »Play Video
Garry Ferguson
A former Maricopa police officer was sentenced Wednesday to nine years in prison for having unlawful sex with girls ages 13, 14 and 15.

"The things that I've done in my past have shadowed me," Garry Ferguson said to the court just before sentencing.

Ferguson tried to hold back tears and continued to speak in a shaky voice.

"I constantly look over my shoulder ... I'm sorry to the victims ... I'm a screw up," said Ferguson.

Ferguson was arrested on 12 counts of sexually abusing three minors between August 1998 and December 2006 in Kings County. He pleaded no contest Sept. 8 to two counts and the rest were dropped by the district attorney's office.

In taking a plea deal, Ferguson avoided the possibility of receiving as much as a 26 years in prison. The nine-year term was the most Ferguson could have received as part of his plea.

Ferguson's estranged wife also read a statement in court prior to sentencing.

"I hope you realize the damage you have done to your kids. How do I explain to them when they are older where their father is, and why he is there?" Michelle Ferguson said .

Michelle Ferguson turned her husband in to police in April, and Garry Ferguson was arrested in May. The couple had lived in Taft since Garry Ferguson joined the Maricopa Police Department in 2006.

Ferguson will have to serve at least seven years in prison before he is eligible for parole.

He is under a separate investigation by the Kern County District Attorney's Office on similar charges.