Eyewitness News travels to fire-threatened area

Eyewitness News travels to fire-threatened area
By midday Tuesday, residents in one Southern California area were not given a choice but to leave their neighborhood as flames burned nearby.

"Mandatory evacuation! Please leave the area!" boomed the voice from a loudspeaker from a police car as it made the rounds in Granada Hills.

People grabbed whatever they could fit in their cars and took off for safer ground.

"This is crazy to us," said Jamie Knight as she held her 10-month-old daughter Madison. Knight had just moved to the area seven months ago and the fires caught her off-guard.

"The smoke is a huge thing for her and my mom. We're out of here, see ya," said Knight as she headed off back to the Bay area.

But not everyone was willing to leave. Richard Blade and his wife refused to leave, fearing flying embers might end up in their attic and set the house on fire.

The pair were thankful firefighters were camped out in their back yard, hoses in hand in case flames came down from the hills.

More than 2,000 firefighters, including Kern County firefighters, are on hand battling the blazes.