Woman found near oilfield was shot in head

Woman found near oilfield was shot in head
A 32-year-old woman found dead Monday by an oilfield worker was shot in the head, according to the Kern County Coroner's report issued Tuesday.

The body of Chantha Meas was found off Granite Road, two miles north of Round Mountain Road early Monday morning.

Meas was reportedly on her way to work as a cashier at a gas station on Airport Drive and Norris Road when she disappeared.

Meas' husband says she was walking just a short distance to work, but never made it. Co-workers at the station said they were too upset to comment.

Workers in nearby businesses say Meas was always friendly and smiling, and they are shocked by her murder.

"She was from Cambodia, I believe," said hair-dresser Kathy Elizondo at Four Seasons Hair Salon. "She's just very family oriented."

Meas' husband said the couple has a 4-year-old daughter. He said the family moved to Bakersfield a couple years ago, and they felt "happy and safe" here.

Business people from the small strip mall along Norris Road said Meas would often open up the gas station early in the morning.

At the North Stars Barber Shop, Leon Summers is upset about Meas' death and worried to hear she was was apparently so close to their businesses when she went missing.

"I was actually in shock," said Summers. "I really didn't think anything like that could happen this close."

At the hair salon, Elizondo said the gas station managers had called the nearby businesses early Monday asking if anyone had seen Meas. Elizondo said it hit hard when they found out she had been killed.

"I was sick, just so sick, and everybody's mood is very somber. It's affected and hit us hard because we're just like a family here. She will be missed dearly."

Kern County Sheriff's deputies haven't released information on the case or a possible suspect.