Debate over gay-marriage ban heats up

Debate over gay-marriage ban heats up
The debate over Proposition 8 is heating up as rallies are held and local churches are getting involved in the gay-marriage issue.

Supporters of Proposition 8, which would ban gay marriage in California, held a rally Wednesday in Tehachapi. Proposition 8 will appear on ballots Nov. 4.

A coalition of local churches is spearheading a drive to get parishioners to vote in favor of Proposition 8. St. Philip the Apostle Church on Stockdale Highway, for example, will be having a phone-a-thon on Oct. 26 to rally support for Proposition 8.

"It's the first time I know of that I've been involved in something like this,"said Deacon John Monsma of St. Philip the Apostle Church.

Proposition 8 supporters have raised about $25 million, while opponents have raised $15.75 million.

"I'm concerned," said Bakersfield resident and Proposition 8 foe Janet Gonzalez, who recently married her partner in what she said was a traditional ceremony. "I think we need to get information out on our side."